Retail software that works.

  • Elevate performance, efficiency and profit

    Gain real-time insight and control over every aspect of your retail business to elevate performance, efficiency and profit. POS Works is customisable to suit and integrate into virtually any type of retail business, including pharmacy, grocery, food, liquor, household, clothing, department, specialty, convenience, and fuel.

  • Every part of your business automatically in sync

    RealSync is POS Works’ own proprietary realtime data synchronisation engine. RealSync enables all of your retail stores, online stores, warehouses, and head office, to be connected and informed with current and accurate data. Data transfer is robust, highly secure and almost instantaneous.

  • Support for a wide range of retail items

    The powerful POS Works database design supports a wide range of retail items including:

    • clothing, including where a single price covers different sizes and colours
    • liquor or wet goods, where stock on hand may be measured in decimal places
    • white goods and brown goods, where individual items are numbered and may have an associated warranty

Customised and integrated to suit your business

We believe software should be tailored to suit the way your business operates. POS Works is customised for every client, right down to individual store-level bespoke customisation.

Utilising our highly experienced development team the POS Works platform will not only be customised to satisfy your operational requirements, but it will also integrate with a wide range of other service providers to ensure a seamless solution for your retail business. Integrated EFTPOS is available for a number of service providers, as is a powerful group loyalty program.

Customisation work is subject to approval by POS Works and will incur additional cost. Prices will vary depending on requirements. Terms and conditions apply.

Centralised control over your store network

POS Works is functionally rich to meet head office’s requirements while also meeting the needs of the store network. Activities that are common to all stores in the network—such as product and price maintenance, promotional pricing, and special offers—are centralised to keep the stores focused on their customers. This centralising of common processes enables a retail group to increase the accuracy of their data and reporting, thereby increasing the network’s performance, efficiency, and ultimately profit.

POS Works provides central management of pricing, as well as storelevel pricing. Pricing services allow for group pricing across the entire network, plus the ability to support different pricing structures for different collections of stores. Head office can structure their store base as collections of stores based upon whatever criteria is relevant to the group, such as regional considerations, stores with certain branding, store size, or many other factors.

The centralised pricing service improves group buying negotiations, brand consistency, catalog management, and profitability. POS Works also remains flexible to allow—with head office approval—individual stores to set their own local pricing.

  • Powerful customer loyalty program

    The built-in customer loyalty program works to retain existing customers while acquiring new ones. The network-wide program is highly flexible, allowing you to tailor your customer loyalty program to provide a point-of-difference from your competition.

  • No custom hardware required

    POS Works software runs on a standard Microsoft Windows platform and is supported for all current Windows releases. This means your business doesn’t need custom or specialised hardware to get up and running. Our development team continually ensures that POS Works will run on all new releases of Windows as they become available and stable.

  • Link your internal warehouse

    Support for an internal warehouse is included, with the ability to receive orders directly from the store, or indirectly via modem or third-party EDI provider. The warehouse component is also capable of providing ‘virtual warehousing’ where a third-party supplier fulfills the order but the invoice is supplied by your own warehouse.

Australian support

POS Works is an Australian owned and operated company. Our support centre is based in Brisbane, and our network of support technicians around the country are ready to keep your business running smoothly 365 days a year.

Working as an outsourced retail IT solution, we form a partnership with you to deliver the best possible software solution for your retail business. Once we gain insight into your business model and commercial objectives, we create a bespoke version of POS Works to suit while providing on-going technical support.

Additional POS Works functionality

  • Take your retail stores online

    Unlock the power of your bricks and mortar retail business by simultaneously trading online—allowing you to offer click and collect, display real-time stock on hand, and easily manage thousands of prices.

    Find out more
  • Simple and secure payment systems

    A simple and secure payment system is essential for retail businesses of all sizes. Take advantage of POS Works’ BPay and direct debit integrations, providing secure transactions and customer convenience

    Find out more
  • Wireless technology provides flexibility and efficiency

    POS Works translates onto a select range of wireless devices—such as tablets or smartphones— which may be used for various in-store processes, plus allows owners and manages remote monitoring of sales and KPIs.

    Find out more
  • Hardware and IT solutions for retail stores

    Take the hassle and expense out of sourcing and maintaining hardware and IT for your retail store network, plus POS Work’s Australian support technicians are available 365 days a year to keep your entire business running smoothly.

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See how POS Works will elevate your retail business’ performance, efficiency and profit.

Whether you have a retail store network or a pharmacy chain, you can find out how POS Works and Dispense Works will elevate your business by downloading an infopack below:

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