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POS Works hardware and IT

Having the best software is only half of the equation. Running your business on old out-of-date hardware and IT is not only false economy, but a productivity and security risk to you, your business, and your customers.

Good quality hardware will help drive efficiency in the workplace, while enabling you to collect data to drive successful decision making for now and into the future. Quality hardware also provides a safe digital working environment for your staff, plus the peace-of-mind your customers need to leave their personal details in your care.

POS Works believe in making hardware affordable to own and upgrade, by creating hardware solutions that work for your business from specialists with years of experience in retail and IT. By having POS Works as a trusted digital partner, you can be sure that your business is up-to-date with the changes in technology, legislation, and IT best-practice.

Quotes can be provided upon request. Prices and equipment quoted on are good for seven days from the date of the quote.

POS Works hardware and IT solutions include:

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Scanners and printers
  • Mobile devices (PDA)
  • Back-up services
  • Antivirus
  • Operating system setup

Additional POS Works functionality

  • Take your retail stores online

    Unlock the power of your bricks and mortar retail business by simultaneously trading online—allowing you to offer click and collect, display real-time stock on hand, and easily manage thousands of prices.

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  • Simple and secure payment systems

    A simple and secure payment system is essential for retail businesses of all sizes. Take advantage of POS Works’ BPay and direct debit integrations, providing secure transactions and customer convenience.

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  • Wireless technology provides flexibility and efficiency

    POS Works translates onto a select range of wireless devices—such as tablets or smartphones—which may be used for various in-store processes, plus allows owners and manages remote monitoring of sales and KPIs.

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See how POS Works will elevate your retail business’ performance, efficiency and profit.

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