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Unlock the power of your bricks and mortar retail business by simultaneously trading online—allowing you to offer click and collect, display real-time stock on hand, and easily manage thousands of prices. POS Works seamlessly integrates with a range of e-commerce solutions and platforms, meaning you can manage your online store at the same time as your existing physical stores.

POS Works offers three different e-commerce options to suit your retail business:

  • our design team will create and host your very own branded e-commerce store
  • our developers can work to create a seamless link to your existing custom-built website
  • our developers can connect POS Works to an existing off-the-shelf online store provider


e-commerce is an optional add-on, prices will vary depending on requirements. Customisation work is subject to approval by POS Works and will incur additional cost. Terms and conditions apply.

  • e-commerce option one

    The POS Works design team will work with you to create a branded e-commerce store, offering your product range to online customers wherever they may be located.

    We offer a portal to manage your products, descriptions and prices. With real-time stock on hand your store’s order fulfilment has never been easier. Unlock the ease of running your group with POS Works and deploy changes when you want from a single location, providing customers with a consistent brand message

  • e-commerce option two

    POS Works development team will work alongside your chosen web designer and platform to create a seamless link to your
    website, while managing your inventory, prices and categories in the same place you manage the rest of your stores.

    The POS Works network will do all of the heavy lifting to provide your e-commerce customers with real-time live stock on hand and a clear path to click and collect from any location in your network—all working together on one easy system.

  • e-commerce option three

    Already have a platform you like working with? Our development team can work with the specification from your off-the-shelf provider and connect to their pre-built API.

    All we need is the documentation and an understanding of what features you need to grow your business. From there we can make the magic happen!

Additional POS Works functionality

  • Simple and secure payment systems

    A simple and secure payment system is essential for retail businesses of all sizes. Take advantage of POS Works’ BPay and direct debit integrations, providing secure transactions and customer convenience.

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  • Wireless technology provides flexibility and efficiency

    POS Works translates onto a select range of wireless devices—such as tablets or smartphones— which may be used for various in-store processes, plus allows owners and manages remote monitoring of sales and KPIs.

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  • Hardware and IT solutions for retail stores

    Take the hassle and expense out of sourcing and maintaining hardware and IT for your retail store network, plus POS Work’s Australian support technicians are available 365 days a year to keep your entire business running smoothly.

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See how POS Works will elevate your retail business’ performance, efficiency and profit.

Whether you have a retail store network or a pharmacy chain, you can find out how POS Works and Dispense Works will elevate your business by downloading an infopack below:

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