Wireless technology provides
flexibility and efficiency

Mobile processes and KPIs

POS Works translates onto a select range of wireless devices—such as tablets or smartphones—which may be used for various processes including stocktake, price checks, label creation, changing prices, generating purchase orders, or undertaking invoice check-offs.

Owners and mangers also have the option to view sales results and KPIs on their mobile devices in real-time—even when they are away from the store. POS Works provides live store statistics from the entire network, and data is continually updated with every sale.

Mobile processes and KPIs is an optional add-on, subject to additional cost, terms and conditions

Additional POS Works functionality

  • Take your retail stores online

    Unlock the power of your bricks and mortar retail business by simultaneously trading online—allowing you to offer click and collect, display real-time stock on hand, and easily manage thousands of prices.

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  • Simple and secure payment systems

    A simple and secure payment system is essential for retail businesses of all sizes. Take advantage of POS Works’ BPay and direct debit integrations, providing secure transactions and customer convenience.

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  • Hardware and IT solutions for retail stores

    Take the hassle and expense out of sourcing and maintaining hardware and IT for your retail store network, plus POS Work’s Australian support technicians are available 365 days a year to keep your entire business running smoothly.

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See how POS Works will elevate your retail business’ performance, efficiency and profit.

Whether you have a retail store network or a pharmacy chain, you can find out how POS Works and Dispense Works will elevate your business by downloading an infopack below:

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