The IT industry provides uses with an abundance of choice when it comes to Point Of Sale (POS) software. 

At Capital Chemist when we embarked on a group wide POS solution we required a software platform that would bind our group philosophies, encompass our passion for ongoing development and support, plus the need to continually adapt to the an ever change Pharmacy retail environment.

In 2011 Capital Chemist adopted the POS Works software platform – one of the best group decisions we have made.

Centralisation of data was a key motivator for Capital Chemist.  Not only has POS Works provided this they have done so in ‘real time’.  

POS Works data transfer framework of our 45 locations including integrated loyalty data, underpins the essence of  POS Works ability to understand the unpredictability of retail, empowering Capital Chemist management and store managers to make ‘fact’ based decisions as needed.

The intuitive nature of the program made the transition less arduous at store level.  In a short period of time, we started adapting and streamlining process to take full advantage of the time saving features POS Works software offers. 

POS Works provides us with a platform where we can contribute ideas and suggestion for ongoing development,  a quality rarely seen in today’s technology sphere.  The dynamic, innovative nature of POSworks is exciting.   At Capital Chemist POS Works are not just our POS software provided they are partners, today and into the future.

Peter Downing (Capital Chemist Group Business Manager)
Lisa Williamson (Capital Chemist POS Manager)

We first engaged POS Works in 2013 to streamline the support systems to our retail operations. Since that time, POS Works has become an integral part of our business, instrumental in the reporting and analysis of our retail operations. POS Works’ continue to provide us with a high level of service, partnering where possible to tailor solutions specific to the needs of our brand.

Blooms The Chemist (September, 2015)

Reliability and Functionality are the two must have factors we need from our POS software. POS Works has delivered consistent reliability across our multi-site operations without the specific need to upgrade all operating hardware.

POS Works functionality has exceeded our expectations where in some areas we are only scratching the surface but this along with POS Works being backed by a team that have a hands on approach to tailoring the system to our specific business requirements have them clearly standing out from the pack for us.

Brad Coleman, Iron Pharmacy

The POS Works point of sale system has been operational in allWizard Pharmacies now for over 12 months and we have found it to be a very flexible & stable system to use. Throughout our implementation we were able to work with POS Works to achieve the outcomes we required and following installation contact with our central help desk has been dramatically reduced.

The key feature of almost immediate communication between all Pharmacies and our Head Office is certainly a real plus to us in comparison to our old Legacy system. It has a consistent interface which also makes training much easier. Changing to POS Works has given our business many benefits and has provided a great return on investment.

POS Works are also very supportive in helping us achieve business outcomes and they also provide a solid support system. We would recommend their system to any pharmacy group.

Retail Services Manager, Wizard Pharmacy



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