Software Overview

While Pharmacy and Grocery are our specialty, other Industries can be readily supported. For example, we have recently included a Fuel Forecourt interface in our POS.

Our POS database design will support items such as clothing where a single price covers different sizes and colours; liquor or other wet goods where stock on hand may be measured in decimal places; and 'white' or 'brown' goods where individual items are numbered and may have an associated Warranty.

Importantly, POS Works will customize our solution to meet your needs.

Regardless of your uniqueness or special needs, give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss how we can help.

POS Work Retail Management Solution or PRMS runs on a standard Microsoft Windows platform and is supported for all current Windows releases. It currently runs on all supported Windows operating systems. POS Works policy is to ensure PRMS runs on all new releases of Windows as and when they become generally available and stable.


PRMS is functionally rich targeting both the needs of the Corporate entity and the needs of the Store. Those activities common to all Stores, such as Product and price maintenance, promotional pricing, and special offers are centralized so that Stores can do what they do best - service their Customer needs.

Centralizing common processes enables a Group to increase accuracy of data; reporting; performance; efficiency; and ultimately, profit.

PRMS provides for central management of pricing as well as Store based pricing. Pricing services allow for Group pricing and the ability to support different pricing structures for different collections of Stores. The Group can structure their Store base as collections of Stores based upon whatever criteria is relevant to the Group such as regional considerations, Branded groups, Store size, or other factors.

Having a centralized pricing service integrated with your negotiated deals improves brand consistency, catalog management, and profitability. However, where appropriate, individual Stores may set local pricing.

Today, loyalty programs abound to retain existing Customers or acquire new Customers. PRMS has a flexible loyalty solution that allows you to tailor your loyalty program to provide a point of difference from your competition.

Based upon the Groups needs or requirements, transactional store data may be transmitted back to the Head Office for statistical analysis or Supplier negotiation.

Wireless technology may be used for various processes including Stocktake, price checks, labels, Purchase Orders, Invoice checkoff, or changing prices.

Integrated EFTPos is available for a number of service providers as is a Group Loyalty program.

PRMS also includes support for an internal Warehouse with the ability to receive orders directly from the Store, or indirectly via Modem or third-party EDI provider. The Warehouse component is also capable of providing for 'virtual warehousing' where a third-party Supplier fulfills the order but the Invoice is supplied by your Warehouse.

POS Works effectively provide your Group with an outsourced Retail IT solution by forming a partnership with you to share the objective of delivering the best solution for your business. We achieve this by working with you to understand your business model, then providing customization of your solution for the duration of our partnership, T&C's of individual contracts apply.

If you would like more details or wish to discuss how POS Works can assist in meeting your requirements, please contact us on one of the numbers shown.



Real-time engine

We have created our own ”Real Time Engine” to make sure that not only does your data arrive safely but securely as well. Ensuring your groups data as it happens when you need it with no data loss.


We respect that you know your business best and as a result strive to work with other service providers to help you achieve the best results the way you want it.

Australian SUPPORT

POS Works is an Australian owned and operated company, our support centre is based in Brisbane with a network of people around the country ready to support you 365 days a year.



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