AusDI integration

Directly interfaces with Dispense Works

AusDI is Australia’s most comprehensive and up-to-date database of
independent drug monographs, pharmaceutical company product
information (PI), consumer medicine information (CMI), product summaries,
drug product images, interactions and safety monographs.

AusDI is brought to you by MedicalDirector, the leading clinical software
provider that powers more than 66 million prescriptions and 70 million
consults annually through its platforms.

As a POS Works preferred partner, selected AusDI content is fully
integrated with Dispense Works. In addition, the integration also
includes in-house drug interactions and safety warnings created by the
MedicalDirector Pharmacy Team. This is the same safety data that is
utilised daily by Australian GPs in MedicalDirector’s clinical applications to
support their prescribing requirements, so you can feel confident knowing
that you’re getting the most up-to-date, trusted and reliable information

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