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Software Overview

Dispense Works is an innovative, patient-centric dispensary solution utilising modern tools and technologies to deliver enhanced pharmaceutical care. It has full e-health capabilities including e-script scanning and My Health Record (MyHR) integration, implemented in a streamlined fashion to recognise modern dispensing environments.

Workflow improvements include assessing multiple scripts against a patient once, rather than one patient against each item being dispensed. A medication summary shows a snapshot of the patient’s current regimen allowing changes in brand, dose and form to be identified at a glance.

A full patient profile allows for the easy recording of external and OTC medicines to supplement local dispensing history, as well as medical conditions, allergies and adverse reactions, clinical interventions, vaccinations and observations. An extensive set of reference material is presented within Dispense Works, improving workflow by reducing the need to consult external sources of information e.g. Australian Medicines Handbook, LactMed, Medicines in Pregnancy.

Clinical decision support is provided by MIMS Integrated, comprising drug-drug, drug-condition, drug-allergy and therapeutic duplication warnings. An innovative multi-drug interaction system means that interactions between three (or more) drugs can be identified eg the “triple whammy”. Significantly, interactions can be checked for medicines dispensed in other pharmacies (via the MyHR) or OTC.

Dispense Works is touchscreen-optimised to allow for easy and quick navigation of clinical and reference information. Fingerprint authentication identifies staff members responsible for each stage of the dispensing process, with each prescription’s status tracked from patient to dispensary, to till and back to the patient again.

Seamless integration with POS Works means that accurate pricing and current stock on hand data is provided.


  • Full e-health functionality including e-scripts, Healthcare Identifiers and My Health Record (MyHR)
  • Clinical decision support utilising MyHR/OTC information
  • Detects “triple whammy” drug interactions
  • Extensive clinical references built in – AMH, LactMed, Medicines in Pregnancy
  • Swipe, scan or type: easy and intuitive dispensing options
  • Scan a script, scan a product, scan a fingerprint: dispense without keystrokes
  • Record clinical interventions intuitively, at any point of dispensing
  • Maintain patient profiles and record clinical services provided

MIMS is the most preferred and trusted source of medicines information for Australian healthcare professionals and we are pleased to partner with Dispense Works to bring you MIMS Integrated in Dispense Works.

MIMS medicine information is built on a heritage of local expertise, credibility, and adaptation to changing healthcare provider needs. Our information gathering and analysis are proven and robust. MIMS information is backed by MIMS trusted, rigorous editorial process and constantly updated from a variety of sources including primary research literature. Our Australian database and drug interactions are locally relevant, clinically reviewed and updated monthly. Compatible with a host of clinical software packages, the majority of Australian prescribing packages and many dispensing applications are supported by the MIMS medicines data base.

Contact MIMS
To subscribe or to find out more about MIMS Integrated in Dispense Works please contact the MIMS Client Services Team by ‘phone on 1800 800 629 or email subscriptions@mims.com.au.



Real-time engine

We have created our own ”Real Time Engine” to make sure that not only does your data arrive safely but securely as well. Ensuring your groups data as it happens when you need it with no data loss.


We respect that you know your business best and as a result strive to work with other service providers to help you achieve the best results the way you want it.

Australian SUPPORT

POS Works is an Australian owned and operated company, our support centre is based in Brisbane with a network of people around the country ready to support you 365 days a year.



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