Retail software that works.


Gain real-time insight and control over every aspect of your retail business to elevate performance, efficiency and profit.


RealSync engine

RealSync is POS Works’ own proprietary real-time data synchronisation engine. RealSync enables all of your retail stores, online stores, warehouses, and head office, to be connected and informed with current and accurate data. Data transfer is robust, highly secure and almost instantaneous.

  • Customised solution

    We believe software should be tailored to suit the way your business operates. POS Works is customised for every client, right down to individual store-level bespoke customisation.
  • Seamless integration

    Utilising our highly experienced development team, POS Works integrates with Dispense Works and a wide range of other service providers to ensure a seamless solution for your business.
  • Australian support

    POS Works is an Australian owned and operated company. Our support centre is based in Brisbane, and our network of support technicians around the country are ready to keep your business running smoothly 365 days a year.

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Got a retail business?

Retail software that works.

Gain real-time insight and control over every aspect of your retail business to elevate performance, efficiency and profit. POS Works is customisable to suit and integrate into virtually any type of retail business, including pharmacy, grocery, food, liquor, household, clothing, department, specialty, convenience, and fuel.

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Got a pharmacy business?

Pharmacy software that works.

All the benefits of POS Works retail software—to elevate performance, efficiency and profit—with the added direct integration of Dispense Works. Dispense Works is designed specifically for the dispensary section of your pharmacies.

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See how POS Works will elevate your retail business’ performance, efficiency and profit.

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